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The Most Important Concept of A Smooth Golf Swing

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Physicial Conditioning - Neck and Back and Core Muscle Strain and Tension Affecting Your Golf Swing

Do you know why?

The neck and back and shoulder muscle are considered big muscle group in our body. We need these big guys to power up and give us a big long drive. However, due to wrong postures, long working hours on computers and handphones, our neck and shoulder muscles are often tensed. Long sitting hours also resulted in a weak back and core. If you want to play well and drive far, weekly massage on these muscle groups is very important and helpful.

The moment you do not feel the tightness in these areas, the entire body is relaxed and can turn efficiently, you 'll be able to fully grasp the up swing, the lag and the release in the most synchronized manner and become a better golfer.

A large number of golfers recognize that being in good physical condition will allow them to play better. That's the reason why many are beginning to include gym exercise, physiotherapy, hot baths and massages into their weekly routine. This is certainly beneficial to your overall health and wellness and will help you develop as a player.

A weekly massage will allow you to recover quickly, reduce fatigue during a round and help you play better golf. This is extremely important towards the end of the round when you are getting physically tired. Additionally, with the right massage technique to treat these muscles, you wont be so stiff, sore and worn out.

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