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3 Benefits of Taking Care of Your Womb

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Womb massage is a form of abdominal massage that is gently, yet very effective and often used for women with digestive and reproductive issues, involving a non-invasive, external abdominal/belly massage and back massage. It is often used to align the organs within the abdominal area, releasing pressure and strengthening the area. This in turn stimulates and supports circulation and blood flow within the abdominal area and the pelvic bowl, supporting the body for optimal function of digestive and reproductive health and wellness.

1) Balance

The womb massage is to release the feel of good hormones, including oxytocin. This promotes hormonal balance by clearing pathways for feedback between reproductive organs and endocrine system. By breaking up scar tissue and adhesions from surgeries such as caesarians, pelvic issues and abdominal surgery, the removal is very effective in providing non intrusive therapy for blocked fallopian tubes, as well as with endometriosis, as it decrease inflammation.

2) Blood Circulation and Warming Effects

Womb massage helps to bring fresh and oxygenated blood to the ovaries, improving egg health and improving circulation to the uterus and surrounding organs. As it helps to removes stagnant blood and tissues, clearing of coldness and congestion, the massage rids the body of the old blood, thereby improving the health of the womb.

3) Increase fertility

Receiving a twice monthly womb massage can help and prepare the whole reproductive system at it helps to repostion a tilted uterus, promotes hormonal balance, increase circulation to the uterus and cervix. As it improves the endocrine system, it encourages the liver to get rid of excess stress.

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