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1) Making Your Brows Too Dark, Too Angled or Too Thick 😓- over defining the front of your brow can make them too bold for your face. Many people choose a colour too dark for their brows, creating a harsh and unnatural look.

2) Misplacing your arch👧 - To correctly place your arch, you should hold up an pencil and use the side of your nose as a pivot point. Hold the pencil so for your right eye it goes through the right hand side of your iris. right next to the pupil. Follow up from there where the pencil intersects your brow - that's where your arch should ideally be placed.

3) Making Brows Identical 😖- Your eyebrow are very unlikely to be naturally identical, but there are someone out that who are trying to make both look identical, resulting in very unnatural look. Although we try to match up both the eyebrows, we want them to look natural.

4)Heavy handed of eyebrow powder🙄 - choose the right brow color and make sure the powder isn't built up too heavily. Many are following the ombre brow trend blindly, resulting in crayon like brows, without the look of hair like strands of brows.

5) Most important!! 💥The WRONG❌ brow for your face shape - It is not a matter of one size fits all. You should create eyebrow shapes that frame the face and work with the natural shape of your face too.

Choose a eyebrow shape to suit your face with this easy guide.

Oval Face - Any brow Shape

Long Face - A straight brow with extended length, but BEWARE.. do not droop the tail, it means BAD LUCK.

Square Face - A soft curve or arched brow Round Face - Slightly shorter brow

Now, are you not confused?😓😓

✅Brow Placement is making sure when drawing your brows on your face, don't take them too high up- or too low down. It can be very unflattering to put them too high, nobody wants to look like a clown!

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