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Goodlady Beauty Services

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Getting a Facial


Skin Problems & Solutions

Prices start from $88 120mins

Frequently utilized by most of our customers since 1998, this service has been essential to success of Goodlady. When it comes to our skin care and treatment services, you can count on us to take care of your every need. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and guarantee you’ll love working with our team. Let us know how we can assist you today. 

Eyebrow Treatment

Eyebrow Emboidery and Microblading

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Brow Mapping $28

This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our customers, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. With a pair of perfect eyebrows that brings out the contours of your face instantly, we ensure all details are customized, simple, seamless and handled in a most painless manner. Whenever you have your eyebrows done with Goodlady, you can trust that you’re in great hands.
Semi permanent eyebrow embroidery, microbalding, microstroking, ombre eyebrows are avaliable.

Face Scrub

Anti Scarring Treatment

Prices from $238 180mins

Let It Glow

We understand the sadness of a dull and sallow looking complexion. We understand the admiration of the glow and radiance that every lady loves to have with or without make up. Try our anti scarring treatment now and Let It Glow Instantly!

Beauty Treatment

Anti Aging & V Lift Treatments

Prices from $120 180mins

Youthful and Youthful

Yes!  We hear you..... take the signs of aging from my face now.  Although eventually we will age, but lets do it the most beautiful and natural way. No botox, no fillers... just regular and diligent skin treatments that boost collagen growth from within. You can see immediate lifted look in just one session

Beauty Services: Services
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What Did Our Customers Say

Beauty Services: Testimonials

Goodlady is my one and only trusted beauty and health salon. I have been their regular customer for almost 20 years and they have cured my skin of acne, wrinkle and sagging prevention and more. Since going to them, I know that I will not trust any other salon with my skin needs not only because of their expertise and experience but because they apply TCM in their treatment which is very unique and effective. Most importantly, I trust Doctor Hong and Doctor Chen completely because they do not hardsell and will recommend what is needed.

Would recommend: Yes

April Wagner Sept 2020

hi, I am Wu kai from Malaysia. Its my first time visiting a beauty center. But I need to get my skin treated. As a guy, I find that Goodlady absolutely knows what a guy needs. I am always in the sun and the pigmentation is getting bad. I like to thank the beautician for lightening them. Im still visiting Goodlady monthly to maintain.

Wu Kai Aug 2020

I came to Goodlady to have my eyebrow treated. Yes, eyebrows need to be treated too. After having my Korean 6 D eyebrow done somewhere, it became red and unbalanced. Hong Yishi rescued them in 4 sessions and they are now the most Natural looking pair of eyebrows! and the process is not painful or bloody as my previous seesions elsewhere.

Cecila Tang  July 2020

I like to thank Audrey Chen Yishi for helping me treat my acne and scarring skin problem. Since the start of Covid 19, wearing mask has taken its toll on my very sensitive skin. There are many outbreak, inflammation, scars and congested pores. Although I can hid it behind my mask, I know this is not the way. Chen Yishi is so professional, patient and experience in treating my skin problems. I had been to many places where by their treatments were not effective, draggy and extremely painful, and I need to go many sessions before seeing any result. But with Chen Yishi, every session shows improvement! I am very grateful to her. I dont get any commission or benefits for writing here, I just want to show my appreciation to her by writing my honest and sincere feeling here. Thank you very much!

Carol Xu   June 2020

I hope that I have met Dr Hong and her wonderful team earlier. This is really the place I trust to solve my beauty and health issues. A leg pull that have had affected me for many years were treated in just 3 sessions. My sensitive and scarred skin seen fabulous improvement in 5 sessions. I believe that my money has certainly been invested in the right place and I trust Goodlady to help maintain my looks and health. Thank you so much!

Linda Ng Dec 2020

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